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Wynne Weaver

Meet Wynne Weaver

Let me introduce myself. I am Wynne Weaver and I am a 28 year full time professional. I am a Broker Associate in Kansas and also licensed in Missouri.

I have met thousands of homeowners and buyers, heard their stories, and assisted them through the challenging transition to a new home. I have been through the last minutes scrambles, got through the tough negotiations, and found the Answers Few Could to save the day.

My experience means that I have been there. There are very few surprises related to any type of real estate transaction that I have not conquered and my satisfied clients will attest to my success.

I have taken exceptional measures to invest in your future by committing solely to my profession. Along with my partner in business and life, Ron Silverman and I are incorporated as a Professional Association, the very first such association in the State of Kansas. I am serious about success; I am professional and committed to the long-term benefit of my clients.

I have invested the time and energy to complete extra education along with years of Practical Experience to bring an extraordinary depth of knowledge in a broad reaching array of real estate venues...from marketing to negotiating to appraisal...I have all the ingredients to make your next purchase or sale a whole lot easier. When asked a question, I will most like say, "I can handle that!"

My Philosophy is Simple. I will make your transition as effortless, efficient, and stress-free as possible. I will professionally manage the marketing, negotiate on your behalf, prepare the market analysis for pricing, write the contract, along with all the paperwork and handle all the details in between so you can be assured that all matters are addressed with confidence and ease.

Remember, my strength is my ears of experience and education. And that is...Your Real Advantage!