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Wynne Weaver


Dear Wynne,

Thank you so much for everything you did for my mother.  I'm still in awe
over the wonderful job you did.  My mother and I called you from North
Carolina because she had put a contract on a condo down the street from me
and would have to fly home immediately to put her Kansas home on the market.

The task was to sell her home within 90 days or lose the bid on her condo.
Not an ideal situation during the spring of 2009 when the market had
crashed, but you remained professional and positive during the entire
ordeal.  You practically met my mom at the airport, previewed her home, gave
marketing suggestions, helped arrange repairs, and set the price for an
appropriate sale.  Unbelievably, an offer came within days.

We were thrilled!  BUT... our enthusiasm was shattered when the buyer lost
his financing days before closing!  It was a very stressful time.  My mom
was clearing out thirty years of memories from her home and began to feel
the whole idea of moving was a mistake.  Your kindness, steady demeanor and
positive attitude carried her through.

We could not believe it when another buyer stepped in to close on the
original date planned!  You sold her home within 60 days (well before the 90
days time frame) in a terrible market.  Thank you so much for my mother, for
me, and for my children who now have the pleasure of being down the street
from Grandma.  You're a winner, Wynne!

Lisa Olson

Hi Wynne,

Just wanted to say thanks for doing a walk through before closing.  I know
Damian wasn't real worried about it, but I was a little stressed.  Thank
you.  Also, a special thank you for calling Damian his first night in our
new home.  Although he probably didn't share with you how much it meant to
him...it really did!  You have gone above and beyond from day one and we
both really appreciate it.  Having now moved four times, dealing with
realtors each time....YOU ARE EXCEPTIONAL!! 

Thanks again so much, Lori

 A more professional Realtor simply doesn't exist. Wynne is the complete professional. She will always go the extra mile to get an answer to your concerns. She stayed the course with the bank in the short sale process, kept us informed, offered sage, expert advice freely and sincerely. She knows the area well, understands the market and takes a true friendly approach with everyone.

Matthew and Rosie, Overland Park, Kansas